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Picture the most beautiful day of your life on the heavenly beaches of the other side of the world! There is nothing more idyllic than a white sand beach and a crystal-clear lagoon to declare your everlasting love to each other. Choose a wedding trip organized by an Air Tahiti Nui partner travel agency to embark on the adventure of a lifetime with your significant other.

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Choose your wedding package in French Polynesia

Say YES to an exceptional day with an unforgettable honeymoon in the Polynesian islands. We have selected some special packages for you, the bride and groom, including:

  • International round-trip flights from Seattle or Los Angeles to Papeete with Air Tahiti Nui,

  • Hotel nights in romantic locations,

  • And, in some packages, the organization of your traditional wedding ceremony.

Our packages usually include multiple islands so you can explore a wide variety of landscapes. The Society and Tuamotu archipelagos are the most popular destinations for a romantic trip.

Choose the wedding package that suits you and plan your stay with the help of the tour operator in charge of this offer: send your quote request to Air Tahiti Nui's partners to establish your wedding budget and choose the date of the ceremony!

Already married? Treat yourself to a Polynesian vow renewal ceremony or take advantage of one of our honeymoon packages to design the perfect honeymoon.

A traditional wedding in the islands of Tahiti

The most romantic destination welcomes you! In Tahiti, Moorea, or Bora Bora, celebrate your love in an enchanting setting. Whether it's a civil wedding for foreign citizens or an unofficial ceremony to declare your love, one thing is for sure: an exciting and emotional experience awaits you.

In French Polynesia, many companies organize traditional wedding ceremonies, with songs and local dances. A celebration inspired by the Polynesian culture, which allows you to celebrate your union in an idyllic and unusual way.

How to get married in French Polynesia?

Any foreigner who is at least 18 years old can get married in French Polynesia, under certain requirements (not being already married, not being related, having at least one adult witness for each spouse, etc.). Contact the city hall of the island/town of your choice in order to organize the most beautiful day of your life. Several documents must be submitted to justify these requirements and to proceed with the wedding.

If you are a French citizen, you should know that at least one of the engaged partners must have been resident in the municipality for over a month. However, you can organize a traditional or non-religious ceremony to renew your vows after your civil marriage in Mainland France.

Interested in celebrating a wedding in French Polynesia? Select your package and contact the travel agency in charge of the offer to book your trip to the islands of Tahiti now.