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Choose your package for a pleasant stay in Moorea. Tahiti's sister island is a must for any visitor to French Polynesia! Unspoiled and beautiful, it is often the first island you will visit when leaving Tahiti. Moorea alone offers you a glimpse of all the treasures of the islands of Tahiti. It is a perfect example of the beauty, charm, and authenticity of the entire French Polynesia. Discover our selection of hotel nights + Air Tahiti Nui tickets to travel to Moorea.

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Find the best deals available to travel to Moorea

Your next trip to French Polynesia will take you to the island known as "Tahiti's sister island". Book your trip to Moorea and the surrounding Polynesian islands effortlessly thanks to our packages. They are ready for you: Hotels and international airfare are included, and some packages also include other features.

Therefore, most of our travel packages include hotel accommodations in Moorea. Romantic stays, sailing trips, relaxation, luxurious hotels, or guesthouses... there's something for everyone! Find the package deal to Moorea that suits you: compare our packages and select your trip at the best price through Air Tahiti Nui's partner travel agencies.

Do not hesitate to contact the travel agency in charge to get more information and tailor your stay in Moorea to your wishes.

Moorea, your next favorite destination

Located less than 20 km from its big sister, Moorea is a real must see! It is indeed the easiest island to reach from Tahiti, in about 30 minutes by ferry or 15 minutes by plane. Whether you go there for a weekend or for a full week, the island leaves the same impression on all visitors: you can't help but fall in love with its mystical charm.

The island's shape makes it instantly recognizable, thanks to its majestic mountains and two large bays that follow one another, Cook's and Ōpūnohu's Bays. This outline is particularly visible from the Belvedere viewpoint, offering an exceptional panorama of its hills and lagoon.

The crystal-clear waters surround the white sandy beaches on the main island and on the motu (islets). In the lagoon, life flourishes: fish, rays, sharks, turtles, and dolphins can come to meet you during your excursions.

The authenticity of island life adds to the charm of this small island and makes it a very pleasant place to stay. Moorea is also one of the cheapest Polynesian islands, allowing you to travel on a budget and enjoy great deals while exploring the turquoise waters that inspire the whole world.

So, don't hesitate to include Moorea in your wish list of Polynesian destinations! You will find it in many packages and offers.

Planning your stay in Moorea

Moorea offers many opportunities for both sea and mountain trips. Take the chance to organize your own customized trip with our partners. Choose the Moorea vacation package of your choice and contact the travel agency in charge of the offer to customize your package, discover the available activities and excursions, and book the most beautiful trip to Moorea.

On the water, there are numerous activities: boat tours around the island to explore the lagoon and snorkel, jet skiing, water skiing, windsurfing, stand-up paddling, and whale watching... get ready to experience unique sensations!

Moorea's mountains are dense and lush, with eight peaks and impressive ridges. Here, hiking trails are available for all levels, with or without a guide. Among the easiest trails, you can cross the pineapple fields followed by the Tahitian chestnut forest (mape) where you will find vestiges of the past: the marae, ancient religious sites. These sacred places blend into the rainforest and offer a journey back in time to discover the ancestral Polynesian culture. In these forests, Mana, a natural and spiritual force, reveals itself more than ever.