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Tahiti Makes You beautiful – Beauty and well-being

The Islands of Tahiti are breathtakingly beautiful. The magnificence of the Polynesian landscapes is what usually attracts visitors to this dream destination. Very quickly, the hospitality of the inhabitants and the peaceful way of life add to the wonder. Beautiful landscapes and encounters punctuate every trip to French Polynesia.

The islands also provide everything you need to feel beautiful yourself: the sun, healthy food, natural beauty products, relaxation time to the sound of the waves, Polynesian massages, and physical activity in the wilderness are a perfect way to reconnect with yourself. All you need is a few days to see the glow of French Polynesia shine on you!

Discover the Ambassadors of Polynesian Beauty, who reveal their secrets to enjoy the islands in their own way.

Ravahere Silloux élue Miss Tahiti 2023

Who are our Beauty Ambassadors?

Among the Air Tahiti Nui Ambassadors, stylists, designers and symbols of Polynesian beauty (Mister and Miss Tahiti) carry the colors of our islands around the world. To help you organize the most beautiful trip, we asked them to share their experience of French Polynesia, their tips, their favorite shopping addresses, and their favorite islands.

Make the most of your trip to recharge your batteries and feel good about yourself, because after all... Tahiti makes you so beautiful!
Polynésienne qui masse une touriste sur la plage

The Islands of Tahiti, a land of beauty and well-being

As you can see, if French Polynesia allows you to recharge your batteries so easily, it is mainly because it is focused on nature. So don't hesitate to enjoy all aspects of your trip:

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  • The fish of the highest quality and the organic tropical fruits are a real detox cure,

  • Sea water baths and lazing on the beach ensure moments of pure relaxation,

  • Sports at sea or in the mountains allow you to reconnect with nature in exceptional settings,
Couple portant des paréos assortis
  • Natural products such as Monoi, Tamanu oil, and fruits are also excellent cosmetics,

  • Polynesian fashion, pareos, braided hats, flower crowns, mother-of-pearl jewelry and Tahitian pearls will sublimate all your outfits...

Your Polynesian experience will turn into a real wellness experience. So let yourself be carried away by the rhythm of the islands!