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Tetiaroa is a very well-preserved atoll, composed of several motu (islets) surrounded by a coral reef delimiting a large lagoon full of underwater fauna. To allow you to go on a vacation to Tetiaroa in complete peace of mind, Air Tahiti Nui suggests a package deal including international flights and hotels in the islands. Find and book your dream travel package to Tetiaroa, including hotel nights and airfare.

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Living a peaceful stay on one of the most preserved islands of French Polynesia... it's a dream come true. To help you find the best offers and deals on our destinations, we invite you to enjoy one of the packages designed by Air Tahiti Nui's partner travel agencies.

Our selection of packages includes hotel nights in one or more Polynesian islands, as well as international airfare on Air Tahiti Nui. Contact our partners to request a price quote, book your stay in Tetiaroa, or personalize your vacation in the sun.

Tetiaroa, the island of birds... and turtles!

Tetiaroa is one of the Windward Islands in the Society Archipelago. This unique atoll is located about 50 kilometers from Tahiti. It is both the closest island to Tahiti and Moorea, and one of the most extraordinary in the archipelago. Although it is almost uninhabited, this little gem in the middle of the Pacific Ocean is full of life.

The Bird Island is a motu registered as a nature reserve for various species of sea birds. More than a dozen species have been identified on the island, where the sea birds feed and reproduce. Birdwatching enthusiasts and nature lovers particularly appreciate this preserved sanctuary that looks like a paradise on earth.

A little further away, on another motu, green turtles gather to mate offshore before laying their eggs on a white sandy beach of Tetiaroa. The green turtle is indeed a fragile species especially protected in French Polynesia. This preserved beach is thus a very important reproduction site for sea turtles in French Polynesia.

As you can understand, Tetiaroa is the ideal destination if you are looking for a holiday in touch with nature. To enjoy it, choose a travel package that includes at least one night in Tetiaroa, a sailing cruise, or a day trip from Tahiti. You'll be able to discover the Bird Island and enjoy the stunning scenery of Tahiti's closest atoll.

Travel to a unique location

There are no villages or houses here. The preservation of the ecosystem is the watchword on the Tetiaroa atoll. This small and charming secluded island is a truly remarkable and unique place.

Made popular by the actor Marlon Brando who owned it in the 1960s, Tetiaroa has been in the spotlight for a long time. Many years before, the Tetiaroa atoll was already known for its unique beauty: the Tahitian royalty had made it their favorite vacation spot. 

Today, Tetiaroa is often included in luxury vacation packages. The atoll is only accessible by boat or by private flight, and is home to a single luxury hotel, focused on ecology and environmental preservation.

Depending on the Tetiaroa package you choose, you can go there by boat during a sailing cruise or stay at the hotel.

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