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Leave for an adventure on the ocean with our package deals! In the Tuamotu archipelago, about an hour's flight from Tahiti, the Rangiroa atoll is particularly renowned among scuba-diving enthusiasts. Its huge lagoon is filled with an exceptional fauna. It is also the largest Polynesian atoll and one of the largest in the world, composed of more than 200 motu (islets) of rare beauty. Discover our international flights + hotels packages to travel to Rangiroa at the best price.

Find the best offer for your stay in Rangiroa

To help you organize your trip in the islands and fly to Rangiroa at a low price, we invite you to discover our travel packages adapted to your needs. Check out our Rangiroa travel packages including your Air Tahiti Nui tickets on international round-trip flights from the US (Los Angeles or Seattle) to Papeete (PPT), as well as hotel nights in Rangiroa and in all the islands included in your itinerary.

Each of the available packages has its own features: for example, the scuba diving packages may include a 10 dives pass.

To offer you the best Rangiroa packages, Air Tahiti Nui has surrounded itself with travel agencies.

Compare our travel packages to choose the trip to Rangiroa that suits you best and contact Air Tahiti Nui's partner travel agencies to book or customize your trip.

Rangiroa, a scuba diving paradise

The islands of Tahiti are surrounded by wonderful lagoons, particularly abundant in underwater life. All the islands have excellent diving or snorkeling spots, but Rangiroa is the one that stands out in this category: it is a diver's paradise!

As part of your vacation package, enjoy hotel nights in Rangiroa in order to be close to the island's diving clubs.

Known worldwide for its exceptional lagoon, Rangiroa offers some of the best diving spots in the world such as in Tiputa Channel. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced diver, don't hesitate to try this extraordinary adventure: dolphins, sharks, rays, turtles, and all kinds of fish live in this small tropical paradise, surrounded by incredible coral structures.

Follow the current to discover another world in this vibrant lagoon. A great way to start your diving experience, or to fulfill the dream of many experienced divers in one of the most beautiful lagoons in the world.

What to do in Rangiroa?

Choose a travel package that includes a few days in Rangiroa to discover all the magic of the Tuamotu Archipelago. In Rangiroa, experience the relaxed island lifestyle: swimming, boating, relaxing on the beach, and biking rhythm your days.

Not in the mood for diving? That's not a problem! In this crystal-clear lagoon, underwater fauna is everywhere: you can meet dolphins, sharks, and rays, even while snorkeling, or simply observe them from the deck of a boat, or from Ohotu.

Between two swim sessions or boat trips, you can also discover the local products made in Rangiroa:

  • Pearls and jewelry: visit a pearl farm and/or a jewelry workshop,

  • The wines of Tahiti: discover unique vineyards grown on coral soil.

Contact the travel agency in charge of your package to get more information and book Rangiroa excursions. Build your own custom trip so that you don't miss out on anything on this unforgettable vacation in the sun.