Danseuse de 'Ori Tahiti lors d'un spectacle de danse

Join the Tribe – Cultural immersion

 Culture is an essential part of Polynesian identity. The art of dance, tattooing and sculpture are the most famous aspects of it. However, Polynesia is also about legends, traditions, and a strong spirituality, in deep connection with nature.

During your trip, you will discover all these aspects throughout your explorations and your encounters with the population.

Ready for a unique cultural immersion? Our island experts tell you about their own French Polynesia so that you can join the tribe for an exceptional trip.

Danseurs polynésiens pratiquant la danse du feu

Who are our Cultural Ambassadors?

They are artists, cultural trainers, entrepreneurs and enthusiasts. Air Tahiti Nui's Cultural Ambassadors are inspired by the islands every day, and share Polynesian culture through their creations and projects. This passion for French Polynesia drives them to find new forms of artistic expression, as well as new practical ways to share the culture they love so much. Through original works, digital training, courses, and books, these Ambassadors are the spokespersons of culture in French Polynesia.

They live the authentic experience of the islands every day, and today, they give you all the advice you need to immerse yourself in the Polynesian culture during your trip.

Polynesian culture, past and present

French Polynesia is composed of five archipelagos, each having its own culture and history. It is also influenced by a cultural mix coming from all over the world, especially from Metropolitan France, Asia, and America.

Marae (Lieu culte polynésien)

Polynesian culture is therefore ancestral, multiple, and in perpetual evolution. Yesterday's traditions inspire today's creators and drive the enthusiasts who strive to preserve them. You will notice it all along your stay in the islands of Tahiti: everyone proudly carries the culture of the Polynesian islands, and contributes, in his own way, to its evolution.