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Explorer – Discovering the islands

Polynesia is a land of explorers. The first Polynesians themselves were great navigators, arriving more than 2000 years ago on Tahiti after a great voyage across the Pacific Ocean. The islands are still an exceptional land of discovery and adventures. 

Modern-day adventurers and explorers continue this tradition using the tools and resources available to them now. We asked our islands' Explorers Ambassadors to tell us about their home islands.

Follow their advice and get inspired to create your own Polynesian adventure!

Danee Hazama qui prend des photos dans un marécage

Who are our Explorers Ambassadors?

These scientists, photographers and sportsmen travel all over the Polynesian islands in search of what makes this land so special. On these wild territories, Air Tahiti Nui Ambassadors explore the unspoiled nature, where the marks of Polynesian history come to light. Each of them seeks to understand the islands, their history, and their ecosystem in order to connect a little more to the Polynesian Mana.

These Ambassadors and explorers of our islands are, above all, passionate. They will show you the best way to discover the islands with advice drawn from their personal and professional experiences.

Explorer – À la découverte des îles

Your Adventure in French Polynesia: exploring the islands

Between sea and mountains, nature reigns in French Polynesia. The glittering lagoons, the ocean as far as the eye can see, the fascinating mountains and the luxuriant vegetation give the islands their beauty. On the other hand, the culture is also very important. 

vue depuis les montagnes de polynésie française et la mer en second plan

 The Polynesian valleys are rich in history, and archaeological sites are numerous. It is therefore not surprising that French Polynesia attracts explorers from all horizons. This is precisely what you are looking for in these islands of the other side of the world: a connection with the elements and the opportunity to discover a rich culture. Sailing, hiking, mountain biking, scuba diving... all these activities are great ways to discover The Islands of Tahiti.

So, what will YOUR adventure be like?
Vue sur un randonneur au sommet d'une montagne