Stephan Lambert : passionate waterman

Stephan Lambert

Stephan Lambert is a waterman. The elements drive his daily life, and his passion for the ocean has guided his philosophy and life choices for over 30 years. As an organizer of unique sporting events, Stephan Lambert loves to challenge himself and allow others to do the same in some of the world's most beautiful landscapes.

Stephan has always been a great sportsman. After tennis, he was irresistibly drawn to the ocean. Water sports have definitely found their place in the heart of this passionate athlete. Surfing, sailing canoe, va'a, swimming, paddle... it is by opening up to all these disciplines that he came up with the idea of organizing amazing multidisciplinary sports competitions. The Watermana Liquid Festival, the Waterman Tahiti Tour, and more recently the Air Tahiti Nui Explorer HUH Ultra attract competitors from all over the world.

Stephan Lambert's events celebrate the Water World and bring together enthusiasts to challenge themselves in the natural environment. The Polynesian people, the first watermen, have an ancestral link with water, which continues today through such events, but also in the everyday life.

« Polynesia is the homeland of the Waterman people

After staying in Bora Bora for 20 years, Stephan now lives his passion for the ocean in Huahine. "For me, each day is a chance to write a new page, it is white at sunrise and concludes at sunset: it's up to you to choose what the scenario will be."

So, what will be the scenario of your Polynesian adventure?

Homme dans le lagon, entouré de raies et de requins

Swimming in the Polynesian lagoons

Stephan practices all possible water sports: surfing, canoeing, paddleboarding, surfskiing, va'a... but first and foremost, he recommends to simply swim. "The basis remains open water swimming. It offers an integral connection with the liquid element." An excellent introduction to the fabulous lagoons of the French Polynesian islands.

"It's not enough to just open your eyes and admire the ocean, you have to dive in to experience its physical and spiritual benefits. A true connection with the environment is necessary to get the most out of it."

Thanks to this activity, which is accessible to most people, you will be able to enjoy the warm and beautiful waters of the Pacific Ocean in a very simple way. When it comes to swimming, you have plenty of options! Beyond the magnificent lagoons of Bora Bora and Huahine that Stephan Lambert knows perfectly, all the Polynesian islands are ideal for immersing yourself in this fascinating underwater world.

Événement sportif

Participate or attend a sports event in French Polynesia

Are you a sports enthusiast who likes challenges? How about participating in a sports competition? There are dozens of them organized throughout the year. Among them, Stephan Lambert's competitions, like the Air Tahiti Nui Explorer HUH Ultra, are unique. New and diverse challenges follow each other during an unprecedented human adventure.

"These stages are organized in a great variety of paradisiacal landscapes, allowing competitors and spectators to discover the Polynesian islands while enjoying their favorite sports activities." One objective: to push back one's limits and surpass oneself during an unforgettable experience.

"Apart from the undeniable aesthetic aspect of the Polynesian islands, the journey we offer through our competitions (which are more like adventures), is an inner one. The message is clear: "Go Deeper. Expect nothing and be ready for anything". The personal challenges are great. They may seem overwhelming to some and inspiring to others. The opponent is yourself."

For Stephan, it's not about "winning or losing", "succeeding or failing". The ability, the motivation and the right attitude of each person make it possible to achieve exceptional things.

Stephan Lambert faisant de la rame sur une pirogue à voile, accompagné d'une personne

...or simply practice sports at your own pace

"As far as water sports are concerned, it is undeniable that French Polynesia has the most varied and beautiful playground imaginable. It is a paradise for water sports, because it offers very safe lagoons in most of its islands, perfect for developing your skills and improving your technique. [...] Also, all the Polynesian islands are perfect for this, and will allow all those who are open to adventure to fully enjoy their passion." To do so, you can bring your own sports equipment in your luggage, contact a local school (surfing school for example), or enjoy organized excursions and rental services. The offer is different on each island. "There are currently very few facilities and schools, but this is becoming more and more common."

Île de Huahine vue du ciel

Visit Huahine, the wild and authentic island

Huahine is a paradise for this nature lover. Located 40 minutes by plane and 4 hours by ferry from Tahiti, Huahine is particularly appreciated for its wildness, its simplicity, its quiet life and its almost mystical energy. "It is the island of the last warriors and there is an uncompromising spirit compared to the Western way of life. The landscapes are breathtaking and the pace of life is in line with the cycles of nature."

And of course, Stephan also recommends planning your sports trips to Huahine: "Here, there is everything: a vast and authentic water playground as well as incredible mountains and deep valleys, and above all... very few people!”